“Children love to move, make noise, and be creative.   Children also love stories…. Mrs. Williams does a beautiful job of combining the two; practicing yoga while telling stories.   She does a profound job of using yoga to enhance flexibility, strength, coordination, and body awareness which instills a sense of calm and creates a deeper connection to one’s inner-self and the world around them. My 2 kindergarteners have always loved reading and listening to stories, but now they are more engaged as they use stretches and moves to retell stories, which have helped their comprehension tremendously.”

Rachelle A. Wasik, Parent and Fourth Grade teacher, Selma F. Bartlett Elementary & parent, J. Marlan Walker International School

“As a mother of three very different daughters, Storytelling Yoga for Kids has been life changing for each of them.  My 5th grader has learned to manage her test anxiety by using the breathing techniques Mrs. Williams has taught in yoga.  My daughter’s self-esteem has grown exponentially!  My highly active 3rd grader has improved her focus and recognizes her mind body connection.  With the overstimulated world our children face, yoga shows them self-control and delivers a calming strength.  In a non-competitive environment, everyone wins!”

Cosette Packer, Parent and Substitute teacher at J. Marlan Walker International School

“My daughter, Samurai, has attended Karen Williams’ yoga classes for two years.  She loves learning new things and enjoys Mrs. Williams’ fun tactics.  Samurai will often come home and “Teach” me what she has learned in yoga class.  She loves the class so much, she recently told me I could change her gymnastics schedule as long as it didn’t interfere with yoga.  As a parent, I love watching my daughter broaden her horizons with a healthy mind and body activity.  As a teacher, I can appreciate Mrs. Williams’ attention to the whole child through literature and movement.  What a great way to engage little minds and promote health.”

Jennifer Smith-Stephens, Second Grade teacher and parent at J. Marlan Walker International School